What are the most valued crypto currencies?

A common mistake is to think that Bitcoin and crypto currency are synonymous. There are more crypto currencies besides the best known. It is time to meet the most important and valued in the market. Check out the list which starts with the most famous, of course.


Considered the world’s first decentralized crypto currency. It is officially a means of payment in Japan, and is accepted by over 260,000 merchants in the country. But it is not just in the Asian country that bitcoin is routinely used. Even in western countries there are establishments that receive payments in virtual currency. It is worth mentioning that, only in October 2019, it had a 65% increase in the volume of transactions, with more than 30 thousand new portfolios per day.


It is considered the second largest crypto currency in the world, with a market capitalization of over $ 40 billion. Since then, Ethereum has been registering some historical marks, including breaking the $ 1,000 barrier.

Lite coin

If the name resembled bitcoin. It was no accident. It has the same characteristics, but with alleged advantages. These include shorter transaction times because of greater accessibility, and lower lockout rate.


It is slightly different from other crypto currencies in that it translates both a digital currency and an open payment network, with lower fees and fewer processing delays.


Among its key features are hidden payments and transactions. The difference between it and bitcoin is that Monero creates a unique address for each transaction with a private password that allows only the person who received the deposit, or has the password to access complete process information.

How to buy or sell them?

The purchase of crypto currencies is 100% online. What you need to do is create a free account, and enter the amount of virtual currency you want to buy or sell. There are also international companies that allow the individual to invest in crypto currencies using dollars. But like every investment, you need to take a backseat with bitcoin. But as the currency’s appreciation potential is considered large, it may be worth as an investment. You just have to surround yourself with information, and not go too thirsty for the pot. No matter which one is your favorite digital currency, now you can buy them and sell them easily with Binaryx, the most trusted crypto trading network.

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