The reintroduction of the Uncola featured “Spot”, a character born directly out of the brand.

Spot had the magical ability to transform cola to the Uncola and provide the audience with a refreshing change of pace.

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Another classic brand revitalized by the simple idea that it takes real aged cheese to deliver the taste folks love in Cheez-It.
The point is delightfully driven home by a charmingly immature protagonist who never quite becomes the grown up cheese he claims to be.


Arguably the greatest single brand campaign in history, Marlboro faced constant evolving challenges,
with increasing restrictions shaping marketing opportunities country by country.
Yet we managed to maintain the brands singular message of masculinity,
flavor and quality, whether it was in the final cinema spectacular, or in the simplest of POS graphics.


A global giant zealously intent on overtaking some time-honored brands in various consumer electronics categories.
We helped bring a sense of humanity and wonder to the brand that pushed Samsung to number 1 in cell phones,
number 1 in flat screen TV’s and one of the hottest names in appliances.

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