Where to Learn What You Need to Know to Become a Seller on Amazon

If you have a product and want to start selling on Amazon, you must go somewhere to learn all you need to know before you start with your project. This is sort of “boot camp” for Amazon wholesale suppliers.  After all Amazon is fairly picky about who sales off there site and uses their name.

Training and help

The place to go for this training is FBA café which is good training for any Amazon wholesale suppliers. Those that run this “training camp” are owners of several businesses both in the United States and in other countries. They currently have several Amazon businesses and work with other partners in the USA, UK, Philippines, Hungary and Austria.

First endeavour Amazon

At the start of their first endeavour with Amazon, the people who were training them had absolutely no clue what kinds of problems that a new Amazon wholesaler could run into. There was much missing in all the courses and training. In simple terms, you could only learn how to sell on Amazon by going through the process yourself and running into all the particularities of being an Amazon seller.  And that is not the best way to go into the venture.

Help new seller

So, in order to stop this happening to new sellers, they decided to begin to help anyone to become an Amazon Wholesale seller successful. These people have been through the “war” and know what they are talking about. They will teach about a lot of the peculiarities they experienced and do it on the blog and in their knowledgebase.

Good move but….

This FBA Wholesale game with Amazon is a great move to make, for the simplest of reasons and that is because most of the time it is uncomplicated to sell on Amazon. You do not create your own brand; you don’t need Chinese supplies – you only need to find a bunch of US-based suppliers and buy wholesale allowing your inventory to grow.

Path to success

It is their mission to guide you on the path to success. There are times when they will refer you to their mentors or materials that you can find elsewhere online when they think that it could help you. Their knowledgebase is full of training materials, videos, podcasts and blog posts that can help you along the way. You will be going it yourself with someone to turn to whenever you hit a snag.

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